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Would you like to hire an electrician with professional standards that match your expectations? These are mine... 

...informative, very well versed in the technicalities and respected the Regulations...

Professional Standards

  • I specialise in domestic and light commercial electrical work

  • I work with a safety first attitude 

  • I am legally compliant: including Part P certification and Electrical Installation Condition Reports 

  • I have current knowledge of innovations in my field - for example, video enabled doorbell systems 

  • Problem solving is my favourite part of the job; I enthusiastically tackle a challenge 

  • I am fully insured 

  • I am regulated by a professional body: this includes an annual onsite inspection of my paperwork and installations 

  • I am experienced at working around other tradespeople on the same site; I have no trouble understanding and accommodating their needs around my requirements.

If you have any questions about my qualifications and insurance, please get in touch and I will be happy to provide evidence. 

I am passionate about making sure that people are safe around electricity. I demonstrate this in two ways; my own expertise and customer care. These two pillars underpin my professional standards.



My qualifications speak for themselves and can be authenticated through my regulatory body. It is my personal responsibility to maintain current knowledge of any changes to laws or regulations relating to electrical installations and equipment. I take this very seriously. It may not be as exciting as the latest smart home gadget, but expert knowledge is the foundation of my trade.


Customer Care

I take the time to actually listen to you. Not only am I assessing your job, but I’m evaluating what information I can give you to increase your electricity safety knowledge. I’m not going into unnecessary details about your circuitry or how to fit your shower, you don’t need to know all that. But I will start every job with an explanation of what I’m going to do, in plain English. And I will end every job with clear instructions on maintenance and potential future issues to look out for – as applicable to your circumstances.

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